• August 7, 2020

Four tips for a smooth customs clearance 

Many people are concerned to ship internationally as they’re unsure about the customs clearance process. Getting your products held up by customs can lead to delays, while also become frustrating to handle all the import/export procedure. Moreover, steep penalties can add up additional costs that make the whole experience feel unpleasant. It’s not that complicated as you think, if you know the correct customs procedures.

What’s the customs clearance process look like?

The intentional trade business is regulated by trade laws to control the export or import of good across the country borders. If you’re in the business field, you need to be aware of the exporting and importing procedures to get your goods in and out of the country in an expedient manner. Customs clearance is a method whereby your product is assessed for tax and duty, based on the laws for accepting products into the nation you’re sending in. 

Providing a waybill for quick process  

A waybill can help to offer timely delivery of your shipment. It contains details like consignee, consignor, and transport to and from. Customs officer will look at the waybill as it covers liability along with declaration form that states you’re hiding nothing in the shipment.

Obtain paperwork 

Keep all the documents and forms correct to clear your shipment. Some details needed are commercial invoice, receiver and shipper’s contact info, title and description of the product, and its total value, export date, and other shipment details. Ensure the product is completely sealed when it leaves your premises to avoid any complications later on. 

Calculate taxes and duties applicable 

Customs officer will check of any duties and taxes applicable to your shipment. It can be calculated based on the value of the goods, their type, and the regulations of the importing nation. 

Find a customs broker

Customs process can be complicated, if you do not provide the essential information or do not prepare the shipment appropriately. Hence, it’s better to hire experienced professionals or customs agents who can advise for all things related to customs clearance, thereby getting your shipments via customs smoothly. The customs clearance processes vary from one nation to another, where in a customs agent, who is aware of the licenses, clearance formalities in your nation can prepare and file your entry and deliver the shipment to your door.

Online brokers and experienced professionals at Clearit customs clearance can help you with your import or customs related requirements. You can get in touch with them via phone by dialling 1.888.668.7595 or fax: 1.888.794.2775 for a smooth and cost-effective customs clearance.


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