In the world of technology, Microsoft is a famous name. Its first Office suite was launched in 1990. Since then many versions of Office setup like Office 365, Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2007, Office 2010, and Office 2003 have been released. Microsoft Office has come up with a collection of new updates in its most applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and many more. The features, which all these new updates contain, are available to all of the Microsoft users from home to business to school use. Each and every feature and function of Microsoft Office has been developed and launched by bearing the requirements and needs of the users in mind. Presently, Microsoft Office 2019 version is getting ready for the launch. For getting all the latest features and tools of Microsoft Office suite, you first need to visit and then go through the simple procedure of buying, downloading, installing, and activation.

Before you Begin

Before you begin, you need to make sure that you consider several things before you start with any of the Office suite as mentioned above. Here are some essential tips which should be kept in mind before getting Microsoft Office:

  1. Your computer system, on which you want to set up Office suite, should meet the minimum requirements for that particular Office version.
  2. Make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection.
  3. Your PC should be in good condition in order to implement the process.
  4. Make sure to have robust and active antivirus software installed and running on your system.

Redeem Office Product Key

The Office setup products can be redeemed using two different modes: offline and online.


To redeem Office Product Key through online mode, visit using your subscribed email address, or you may get it via text message as received from the subscribed contact number.


To redeem Office Product Key through offline mode, you can buy a package from any of the nearby Microsoft retail stores, which Office product key will come printed on the package you purchase.

Steps to Download Office setup

Microsoft Office setup can be downloaded through two different modes: online and offline. Follow the steps as mentioned below to download Office Setup on your device:


  1. Launch your web browser and go to
  2. Log in by entering your account details.
  3. Doing so will take you to a page where your product key is required.
  4. Type in the product key and press enter.
  5. And then you need to choose an appropriate subscription according to your need from the given list of all MS Office subscriptions.
  6. Tap on the Download button, and your file will be downloaded.

Note: If you are a new user and never had a Microsoft account, you’ll need to tap on the Create an Account option in order to create a new account, after that, type in all the required details to sign up.


  1. Unbox the package of your purchased Office product.
  2. Insert the CD in your computer’s CD drive.
  3. Read the prompts carefully and follow some on-screen instructions to download the Office product.

Note: Purchasing the Office product Offline means that you will receive its product key in the box along with the setup CD. Always to keep your product key safe with you.

Steps to Install Office setup

Microsoft Office setup can be installed easily on both operating systems: Windows OS or Mac OS. Follow the steps as mentioned below to install Office Setup on your device:

Windows OS

  1. For installing Office Setup on Windows PC, go to the default downloads folder.
  2. Double tap on the downloaded Office setup file to open it.
  3. Tap ‘Yes’ in the prompt which appears on the screen.
  4. You may then have to wait until the installation process is finished. It usually takes 5-10 minutes.
  5. After that, tap on the Close button and restart your computer.

Mac OS

  1. For installing Office Setup on Mac PC, go to the Finder on the Dock of your Mac.
  2. Find the Office setup file you have downloaded.
  3. Double tap on the file as soon as you find it.
  4. Double tap on the Continue button.
  5. Tap on the Agree button.
  6. Then tap again on the Continue button.
  7. Tap on the Install option.
  8. Enter the password for your Mac.
  9. After that, tap on the Close button when the installation process is finished.

Steps to Activate Office setup

  1. For activating Office Setup on your device, go to or tap on the installed Office product or application such as Word, Excel, etc.
  2. Now the Office Activation Wizard window will appear on the screen.
  3. Enter the Office Setup product key and hit the Enter.
  4. At last, follow some of the on-screen instructions in order to activate your Microsoft Office product.

That’s it! You have now successfully downloaded, installed and activated the Office setup. You can now start using these Office applications on your device.