• August 7, 2020

How Much Beneficial Are Integrated Logistics Services For Defense Organizations?

To be precise about ILS or Integrated Logistics Services, you should have some idea that this is aesthetically a technical process where support and logistics turn out to be primary considerations that are incorporated in the design lifecycle of the entire system or a product in particular. On the whole, the target is to create a cost-effective and simultaneously, durably workable phenomenon that’s going to perform optimally.

This is basically a lean functional system that needs nominal support whereby increasing your ROI. It is a very functional, useful, and reliable system that conforms to the best practices in the industry. Maintaining a particular standard is very important in this regard as low standard quality can affect the smooth functioning of different departments optimally.

A short history of Integrated Logistics Support Services

ILS was developed originally by the military, adopted specifically by the commercial business world who makes appropriate application of the same to different processes. This comprises of a series of supportive elements that are integrated into the life cycle of a system and are measured at constant intervals.

Combining all the supporting elements leads to a more or less effective process boosting productivity or customer service systems.

The ILS elements include:

  • Maintenance planning
  • Logistics Support Analysis
  • Training
  • Human Resources
  • Support equipment
  • Computer resources
  • Technical data
  • Facilities
  • Packaging and management of storage
  • Transportation or delivery

This list basically results in a more streamlined system that’s easy to support when backed by strong customer service ethics.

How to determine the efficiency of ILS?

There are a set of predefined metrics also known as RAMT that stand for reliability, availability, maintainability, and testability, and these metrics let you determine the effectiveness of the ILS system. Each of the metrics is aesthetically used to measure the performance of each support element through the lifespan of the system.

What do Design, Test, and Refine do?

This is an iterative process in which each of the support elements is basically tested on different occasions. In a few situations, the ‘system safety’ metrics are introduced for risk management systems. The analysis is carried out for determining a group or set of tasks, meant particularly for individual elements. This also guides with testing and suggestions to go with improvements.

In this regard, Sonovision ILS services can help in effectively determining the importance of each element in modern military establishments.

Donny Cooper

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