• October 22, 2020

Stop Treating Creativeness Becoming an Option

Turning creativeness into money.

That’s generate income sometimes described my job becoming an Executive Producer.

Turning creativeness into money.

See, our obligation, each week, would have been to allow the creativeness flow-if needed. BUT, that creativeness required to lead to profit. If that which you created-jokes, comedy sketches, parodies-didn’t draw an audience that advertisers would pay to attain, our creativeness may have gone nowhere (and our careers may have quickly adopted). But we did draw that audience, as well as the station developed a healthy profit. Plus it all began with this particular creativeness.

Our creativeness was the engine that powered the income.

However this doesn’t apply only to comedy Tv shows. It relates to your organization too. (Clearly, there can be occasions if you think your small business is a comedy Tv program-but that’s a totally different issue.)

This Season, researching the market more than 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide determined that creativeness is just about the most important leadership quality for fulfillment operating a business. That is the situation, why perform a large amount of leaders will not invest time, money, and/or energy into improving their particular creativeness which from the teams? (Not you, clearly. It’s the others.) Why won’t they buy the “most critical leadership quality for fulfillment operating a business”?


I believe that it is because after they consider “creativeness,” they form a picture inside their minds of hippies in headbands sounding to the forest and juggling beanbags while singing about “possibility.”

Using this picture (a treadmill appreciate it) firmly in your thoughts, they say, “We will not have of the foolishness around here!” and hang off and hire another sales trainer.

They never seem to get that the road to profits begins with creativeness.

Here’s the succession: Creativeness leads to INNOVATION which leads to NEW Products And Services which leads to PROFITS.

Leaders: This is one way you remain operating a business!

Look, I’m not to suggest you shouldn’t hire the periodic sales trainer. But without continuous creativeness, you won’t have everything to sell!

All the best, EVERY service that available One Dollar (or possibly millions of, or possibly a billion, dollars) began getting an innovative idea.

Kill your creativeness, kill your organization. Improve your creativeness, improve your business.

Simple, isn’t it?

Creativeness is not a gentle skill. Creativeness is not an expendable option. Creativeness is not a frivolous game.

Creativeness is a vital leadership quality for fulfillment operating a business. Begin treating it by doing this.


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