• October 22, 2020

Becoming Street Wise and Astute In The Wicked Financial Atmosphere

Money, unlike what folks think is not something of trade, but of manipulation. Whereas barter is known as “outmoded” and “outdated” it had been essentially the mode of trade until recently. Money has been available since because those considered it prudent to change, pebbles, trinkets after which coins, for anything they need.

Right before money controlling people’s lives, ancient societies could exist and live in their means, and merely consumed whatever they needed, without any overconsumption or abuse in the atmosphere.

Enter in the Goldsmiths and Bankers

When goldsmiths became a member of the fray, they provided people with certificates, as proof that they’re custodians from the gold. People then used the certificates to use each other, as opposed to actual coins. The goldsmiths cleverly increased to get mindful of this lag between gold deposits, as well as the actual calling from gold and coins.

These goldsmiths then created “fake certificates”, and loaned them at home loan, to anyone who recognized the “exchanging value” Thus money was produced. These goldsmiths refined their operations as well as the banking system was produced. The well-known family, named the Rotchilds, were retailers, who consolidated their banks in this manner, and needed their operations global.

These elite banking families, increased to get, exceedingly wealthy, and could literally buy up governments. While using consolidation from the banking interests, they provided further, “outdoors money”, as loans to governments and populations, at interest. The paper money that was created, was fake cash except the repayment,was with actual money earned by workers, and taxed by government.

Consumerist scams

Society is further scammed in to a materialist culture, of “big brands” clothing, technology (apps, cell phones, tablets, “high living” and superstar worship.) These ego projects, create a huge demand, and compels visitors to shop they could ill afford. “Easy” credit is going to be availed to secure these “trinkets”, resulting in further debt slavery for the banks.


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